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Once you have your domain name registered, and your website designed, you'll need somewhere to host your site, as your web site won't appear "live" to your customer's unless it's hosted on a web server. This will make it available for your customers, suppliers and prospects at an address like

Optus' Webhosting Services also gives you these advantages:

  • Optus' hosting services offer the ability to utilise our high quality network and high capacity to the Internet. Unlike some hosting providers with slow serving websites, your visitors are served quickly to give them a good impression of your business
  • Our servers are maintained around the clock by our highly skilled technical staff and are located secure, fireproof data centre
  • Includes 10 email addresses
  • Gives you at least 15MB of storage to host your web site
  • Serving between 300MB to 1000MB of data from your site each month depending on the Service chosen
  • We give you online detailed reporting of visits to your site, including number of visitors, when they visited, where they came from, what pages they looked at and much more
  • One FTP (File Transfer Protocol) account allows you to upload changes to your site whenever you want

Why would a business need a website?

  • You will increase customer support as your customers, suppliers and prospects can now get some answers or order from your site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • It can help you create relationships with your customers
  • Beat the competition
  • It may also assist you in decreasing your business costs by not having to reproduce pamphlets or brochures which can be costly

For more information, call OptusNet Business Sales on 1300 300 012.

Pricing for OptusNetHost Services

OptusNetHost Service Set Up Fee Monthly Fee Includes
Host15 $99.95 ($89.95 with Business Saver*) $29.95
($26.96 with Business Saver*)
  • 15MB storage
  • 300MB data served
  • 10 email addresses
Host25 $99.95 ($89.95 with Business Saver*) $39.95
($35.96 with Business Saver*)
  • 25MB storage
  • 500MB data served
  • 10 email addresses
Host50 $99.95 ($89.95 with Business Saver*) $59.95
($53.96 with Business Saver*)
  • 50MB storage
  • 1000MB data served
  • 10 email addresses

* Business Saver hosting price only available if taken within a Business Saver package with OptusNet DialUp Access Service.

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