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Building Your Business Online

How to build traffic to your website

Just because you open a store doesn't mean anyone knows you're in business. The same is true of your website. If you want customers to find your site, you must include promotion of your site in your marketing mix.

This doesn't have to cost a fortune.

First, be sure that wherever you publicise your phone number, you also publicise your website. Your business card, brochures, printed advertisements and phone directory listings are great places to show people the address of your site. Maybe add it to your signage in front of your business premises.

List Your Site with Search Engines

Search engines are the starting points for most web searches. So you'll probably want to list your site with the most popular ones. There are often free submission procedures for most search engines, and some also offer a premium service at an added cost. A real time saver can be use of a professional submission company that can submit your site to dozens of search engines for you. Some suggested search engines are shown below to get you started.

Submit your Website URL to Australia's top search Engines

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