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Building Your Business Online

What advantages does a Businesses Website give me?

More and more Internet users are using the Web to acquire product and services information. People are comparison shopping via the Internet to help make decisions before they buy ...even if they buy the 'old-fashioned way' - in person or over the phone.

If your business isn't on the web, then you might not even be considered!

And the web's 24x7 convenience is also drawing customers online in search of service and support from companies they already patronise. A well-designed website can answer your customers' most frequently asked questions at their convenience - increasing their satisfaction with your service while saving you time and money.

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Grow Your Business

By putting a dedicated business website on the Internet you are instantly accessible every minute of every day to a nearly limitless audience. Whether you want to reach customers around the corner or at the four corners of the globe, your website will give your business the same reach and exposure potential as your online competitors. And keep you ahead of those who still aren't online.

Market Breakdown: Australian Pistachio Company

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An Air of Confidence

Having a quality website allows you to be compared favourably against your competitors even if they are larger companies. It gives your business a sense of depth and professionalism not normally associated with smaller ventures.

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Expands on Your Offline Advertising

Websites are not as limited as normal advertising. Your site can be simple or as large as you need to make the best possible pitch for your products and services.

Imagine if you had five pages to explain and demonstrate what you offer instead of the small advertisement you have in the phone directory! And your web pages can contain not just text, but also photos, diagrams, maps, prices, hours of operation....the possibilities are endless.

Notice how many advertisements now provide website addresses. This is to encourage interested readers to go online and see the advertiser's full offering that just can't be properly covered in a few lines of advertising.

Sample Ad: Australian Pioneer Pistachio Company

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The Bottom Line

Nearly all businesses can generate real benefits from having a business website. A website is a cost-effective way to get more business, cut your cost of service delivery, and improve your business image and brand.

OptusNet provides the services needed to host your website. We can also register your Business Domain Name at the same time we set up your hosted OptusNet website.

Optus understands how most small business owners are stretched for time and are unable to hire an IT specialist. So our Business Sales Team can explain our convenient packages of services to help you get your business on-line and help you decide your level of involvement.

To build your own 3 page website.

Find out more about OptusNet Web Hosting.

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