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Tools to build your business online

Creating your business online begins in much the same way as a conventional business. You need to have a name and premises, or online space. You can buy these individually or choose an OptusNet All-in-one package for a cost-effective way to get the lot.

Domain Name Registration

First you need to choose your Domain Name - the name your business will be called on the Internet - ie. We can then register your Domain Name, which guarantees no-one else can use it.

BusinessDomain Email Service

Once you have your Domain Name, you'll want a professional email address where customers and prospects can contact you. With this service, your business email address becomes

Web Site Hosting

This gives you the space to host your website. This is where your customers and prospects will find you online at your web address - ie.


Getting your business online is easy with OptusNet. We have a variety of plans to choose from depending on how much access your business requires.

Net 56 - Semi-Permanent 56k Modem Access

If your business needs near full-time access or you want email to arrive instantly without the hassle of dialing up repeatedly, Net 56 is for you.

ISDN Access

This powerful Internet connection allows for super fast download times, and is suitable for businesses with 15 to 100 email users who constantly use the Internet.

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